Random Thoughts

Oct 4

My Wonderful Majordome

As I said before, I have ideas but not that much time. And I have no drawing skills. I have ideas that could be interesting in comics but I like to write them down as little stories.

Today, there’s something I’d like to share, an idea I have for several months now. I don’t really know what it’d be like as little comics (sort of strips or somes pages) but I like the main character.

My Wonderful Majordome

“Meet Lawrence Banes, your new butler. Discretion, efficiency and devotion are his three biggest qualities, which are far to be the only ones.”

This is how we introduced Lawrence Banes to his new master. And this is how the story began.

The idea is to play with Lawrence, a butler (“majordome” means “butler” in French). He could be human or not, from the past, the future, the present or another dimension. He could be tall, small, big, lean, old, young, handsome or plain. There’s just one thing you can’t change about him: he’s got brown hair and honey-brown eyes.

Here’s his first appearance.

Premier Service
Mon maître est un aventurier / My master is an adventurer.

Now, let’s have some fun!


- Twelve

Oct 2

How I write is how they tell me their stories.

My head is always full. Full of words, faces, voices, music, landscapes, random thoughts. My mind is always writing something, introducing stories, people, places, worlds. I regularly have bits of dialogues, discussions, coming from nowhere. People are living in my head and don’t even care about me.

I thought it would be fun to share what they say to me, what they talk about (sometimes totally ignoring me).

One day, a man had the need to tell me about his story. I know nothing about him, but he just told me some words about him.

Sometimes I wonder why I was born in this world, at this moment of the History. Did I change something? Did my mistakes make a difference?

I think about my loved ones, my lost ones, those who’ve build this story with me.

My story.

I’m not sure I’ll know the rest one day. I might ask him. When I’ll have the time to write.

Aug 2

Beards. Beards everywhere!

So, beards are trendy. Thing is, I love beard, so it must be the only trendy stuff I like, and I’ve liked it for ages (even as a child, I loved Ulysses from Ulysses 31. Hell yeah.). People talk a lot about it because some like it, some don’t like it, some think it’s manly, some other think it’s not the beard that makes the man.

This morning, I saw this post on 9gag:

And I think this is a rather good example, at least according to my “type of men”.
Let’s talk about the face only (because who cares about this perfect torso, those delicious shoulders and… dat chesthair!).

On the right, this guy seems… I don’t know, kind of plain, with little interest. He’s not that bad, I mean, physically speaking he’s really nice! But it lacks something. The “petit plus”, as we say in French.

The middle picture is… not, definitely not. There’s something more interesting about him, he doesn’t seem that plain anymore but… moustaches? Really? No. Not for me, thank you. If you’re not Freddy Mercury or Tom Selleck, forget about the stache!

And on the left! Ah… Now that’s a man I like! The man is the same, the face is the same but… beard!! Look at him, he’s totally different. Beard is awesome.

So, as men prefer a certain type of women, I like the bearded type. I don’t mean I only like men with beards, but I really like beards. My soul must come from a time when men had beards, like it was the proper facial attribute to have.

What I like about beards too is that even if you’re not the most handsome guy in the world, it gives something more to your look.
Guys think women all like the hunk type, this type of guy who has no chesthair, a face straigt out of a magazine (gay magazine). Just type “hunk” on Google and… you’ll find exactly what I don’t like (oh, featured results, Hunk from Resident Evil 6?). 
When I was younger, my female friends didn’t belive me when I told her I really, really didn’t like the men like chippendales. It was back in the 90’s and yes, chippendales were a sort of reference when talking about guys. I never told them I was kind of in love with X-Or when I was a child. The combat suit version, not the human version. So I knew I already had weird tastes, or personnal tastes, and that most of the girls, and now women, don’t share them.

Now, type beard on Google. Look at those awesome results! Different guys, different beards, this is the awesomeness of the beard! You can be you + a beard, and it’s totally okay!

I saw some guys saying they can’t grow a beard, or some saying they don’t like it, etc. It’s okay, we’re all different. My point is not saying that every guy should have a beard. I just wanted to say.